Club History


A number of employees of the Great Eastern Railway took part in a swimming gala held at Hornchurch which was restricted to G.E.R. members. The local men did quite well so the idea of forming a local club was born. The club was, at first, restricted to G.E.R members only, the first president was Captain Howard and Secretary Mr H. Jaggard.


At the AGM in 1909 the club was opened to all local people, the name being “Parkeston (G.E.R.) Swimming Club” its aim that the club was formed “To promote the art of swimming”. The local council was approached to build a swimming pool, this was estimated to be £200 at a 1p rate.

July, 1911

Egerton-Greene Championship cup was given to the club.

June, 1911

(ADVERT) Swimming Lessons. Miss M Greater 14 Lee Road Qualified for schools and individuals 1/6d per hour

August 26th, 1911

For the first time the present title appears in a report of a swimming carnival, as follows:

“Harwich, Dovercourt and Parkeston Swimming Club”

Third Annual Carnival

The Third annual carnival of the “H, D & P Swimming Club” Took place in the presence of a very large crowd of spectators who lined the parades at Dovercourt on Saturday afternoon. The club has made very rapid progress during the three years of its existence and today occupies a very prominent place among similar institutions in East Anglia.

A most enjoyable programme was provided but owing to the lateness of events and the rough sea that obtained towards the close of the afternoon, the water polo match was abandoned.

(There followed a list of winners including rowing as well as swimming)

The original pool was built in 1924 and opened on Saturday July 5th by Councillor Mrs Hill. Originally it was 75 yards long by 25 yards wide. This was later divided into a main pool of 55 yards and a learner’s pool of 35 yards. It was filled directly from the sea at high tide once every fortnight. The water was unfiltered so anything could come in!